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Collaborative Tools

From thinking to action.

Anaylse my environment & Collaborate with my teams.

Collaboration is a major issue at all times during an engineering project. In order to increase efficiency and productivity, we offer access to digital tools for your employees, customers and subcontractors.

Virtual Tour

Access your facilities remotely. An immersive journey through your facilities as if you were there. Access to your sites whenever you want from anywhere in the world, without restrictions, without accreditation and in a completely secure way.

Project Management

Engineering & collaboration. Share your data in real time. Perfectly control your planning, budgets, human resources and the technical risks linked to your project.

Project Review

Decision Support & Communication. Access the same informations at the same time with your team members. Visualize your environment as it is today, validate the best scenario for your revaming project and promote it as it will be tomorrow.

Knowledge Management

Training & Maintenance. Capitalize on the knowledge of your employees. Training programs in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to assist your operators throughout the assembly, disassembly, operation and maintenance procedures.